The Well

The above recordings were composed by Adam Conrad, performed by Zachary Scanlan (violin), David Sutton (violin), Erica Burton (viola) and me (cello), and we had our usual all-star team of recording engineers Dane Hoppe and Graham Wakeman, and rehearsal/production assistant Ben Kelly.  Adam has organized, conducted and composed music for 5 or 6 of these projects now, and each one runs a little bit smoother and produces a better product.

We rehearsed and recorded this score all in one 3-hour session with minimal technical or musical problems.  This is an ensemble and style of music that I’ve never heard Adam even attempt, and I was blown away by the sounds he was getting out of our string quartet.  You can hear quite a bit of Haydn and Ravel’s influence on the sonorities and counterpoint Adam employs – and he must have been listening when I complained about G# major in the past, because he wrote some pretty string-friendly keys this time around.

To avoid gushing about what great players Zach, David and Erica are, I’ll just direct you to listen to the recordings.  Damn they sound good!  A lot of the music was written in a high vs. low format, which meant I got to team up with Erica which was a blast.  I felt like the two of us really locked in together on ‘Curiosity’ with that great pizzicato figure – so much fun to play!  We almost had too much fun, but I don’t think we were disruptive enough to piss off Adam.  haha.

Adam Composed these tracks for Chris Jopp‘s newest film The Well, described by Chris as: “[a film] about the fear and anxieties that young people experience when they first become curious about the opposite sex.”  Check out the behind-the-scenes video Chris made of The Well by clicking <here> or one of the stills above/below (recording studio footage starts around 6:30).

Chris is an MCAD graduate and we met him when Adam composed the score for his last project, Harold Crumb (you can watch the short documentary on the scoring process of Harold <here>).  I love Chris’ visuals and the subtle emotions he gets out of his actors, and this film is everything I liked about Crumb and much much more.  I can’t wait to see his next project, and hopefully be part of it in some way!

3 responses to “The Well

  1. You guys did an amazing job…from orchestration to conducting to the playing! Terrific! The strings just dance!

  2. Beautiful.

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