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Budget for (my) Art

Pretty much anybody who considers her/himself an artist has been asked to do pro bono work by a friend or family member, another artist, or somebody representing a business or larger production. The act of asking for free art isn’t what’s wrong here–there are scenarios in which this is perfectly appropriate–the problem is when there is a budget but art isn’t accounted for, even when deemed necessary to the success of the production. Event organizers need to understand that if they require professional art for their event (off of which they intend to profit), the artist needs to be paid.

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Why/How to Transcribe

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A big reason why I learned how to transcribe is so that I can write out charts for myself, and other musicians I’m playing with.  It seems like there’s always new repertoire for everyone to learn, members to add/replace or a sub to train, and the reality is that not everybody does their homework.  There’s not always time, and you don’t always have the $$ to pay somebody who’s willing or able to put in the work and accurately learn/memorize a part.

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Lulu’s: will you marry me?

Lulu’s Playground just had a rehearsal last night after a seven-months-long hiatus and, as they say, absence [most certainly] makes the heart grow fonder.  Trumpeter Adam Meckler literally proposed marriage to the band and brought up recording an album.  Those were actually two separate events, that literally occurred.  But the point is that I am incredibly excited to be playing with these fellas once again!  Here’s a little video we made of our first time through a new tune I was just showing them – it’s only the very very end of Positive Rays, which I’ve already posted an audio file of.

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OFI Sketch 8/4/11

This is going for more of a hardcore, “I’m dangerous” kinda’ vibe.  To me the cello almost sounds like a bari sax, which is hilarious, while at the same time terrifyingly awesome.  There’s a lot more I wanted to add to this, but I’d rather see what the dudes come up with, rather than ruin it myself.  haha

Working title = 2hundred


And here’s the hilarious version that I did for fun

OFI Sketch 8/1/11

Here’s a really simple loopy thing that might make a good tune – it’s just a bunch of Ma7 chords planing around but I think the complementary rhythms sell it.  One problem is that it’s really difficult to solo over, another is that it’s horribly repetitive – but it’s going to be a hip hop beat so nbd.

Working title = Familiar Mistakes

OFI Sketch 7/27/11

Just successfully diagnosed and fixed a bad solder joint in my loop pedal in an attempt to solve the intermittent power-loss problem that was dumping the flash memory.  To celebrate I recorded this rough track of loopdie-looped cello, which I plan on bringing to the hip hop band – got kind of a Steve Reich hemiola feel to it…?  Anyway, can’t wait to hear what the band does with this track!

Working title = Off Balance

And here’s a recording I made of myself building the track, mistakes and all.

OFI Sketch 6/18/11

I’m working up a new track for the live hip hop band I’m playing with called Out From Inside.

Track title = Positive Rays (looped cello):

looped cellos + overdubbed frame drum:

Cello hip hop. Goodbye bass guitar?

For my last two rehearsals with hip hop band Out from Inside, my beautiful fretless elec. bass has sat in her case, unplayed.  I feel especially guilty since she miraculously survived being run over by a large SUV last month without so much as a scratch.

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