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Recent goings-on

Here’s a quick rundown of some stuff I’m really excited about lately:

Bloodshed Love (September 12-13)
My composer friend Adam Conrad wrote the musical score for a fantastic short film directed by MCTC student Mason Makram, and enlisted me to play on the recording. Adam and I have worked together on quite a few projects like this and they keep getting better and better, no exception here.  Adam likes working with me because I give him everything I’ve got (including tons of constructive criticism haha) and I keep coming back because he always writes me cello solos and he’s a tolerable person.  There’s really nothing like recording a film score without a click, conducted to the film with the full ensemble.  It’s a huge rush, and huge pain in the ass, and so worth it.  I just attended the premier at the St. Anthony Theatre the other night, having only seen snippets of the film, and I was totally blown away by how it came together.  Keep checking back into the Bloodshed Love <facebook page> for info regarding the movie’s release on DVD and/or other media.

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